Volusia County Real Estate

If you're thinking of investing in property in Florida, Volusia County real estate is the place to start.  It encompasses Daytona, and is in close proximity to Orlando the home of some of the best amusement parks in the world, as well as growing ports such as Cape Canaveral and Jacksonville.

Being in the center of everything, Volusia is a tourist county.  The tourist authority promotes it as the fun coast, because the area code, 386, spells out fun. Most of the economy is based on tourists trades like shops, restaurants, and other vacation spots.  These days, this is a year round income, with snow birds in the winter, and vacationing families in the summer.

There are three rivers flowing through Volusia County, The Halifax, St John and Tomoka. If you're interested in fishing, they should be one of your first stops. If you're more interested in offshore, ocean fishing, you've got the plenty of amazig coastal fishing areas nearby. Like most of Florida, nature is one of largest attractions, with Volusia being home to four state parks. There's Blue Spring, Bulow Creek, Deleon Springs, and Tomoka state park. No matter what your interests, you'll always find something exciting to do.

Life in Florida isn't like life anywhere else, well maybe not in the rest the Unites States. The weather is beautiful, the water attractions abundant, and the wildlife is exciting.  Where else in America can you grow banana's in your backyard garden?

If you'd like to live in Florida, but still want to hold onto that small town feel, consider homes in Volusia County.  

Zoning | 482.00 Acre(s)
Single Family Zoning | 110.00 Acre(s)
Zoning | 33.00 Acre(s)
A-2 Zoning | 50.00 Acre(s)
1 Story(s) | 36,268 SqFt
Zoning | 44.43 Acre(s)
1 Story(s)
1 Story(s)
Zoning | 0.19 Acre(s)
999 Zoning | 32.00 Acre(s)
1 Building(s) | 60,571 SqFt | 81 Unit(s)
1 Story(s) | 31,210 SqFt | 31,240 Office SqFt
1 Story(s) | 144,040 SqFt
08C1 Zoning | 9.70 Acre(s)
FR Zoning | 120.00 Acre(s)
01A1 Zoning | 47.25 Acre(s)
1 Story(s) | 61,692 SqFt | 6,780 Office SqFt
1 Story(s)
1 Story(s) | 23,000 SqFt
1 Story(s) | 6,463 SqFt
1 Story(s) | 10,926 SqFt | 800 Office SqFt
1 Building(s) | 4,210 SqFt | 15 Unit(s)
1 Story(s)
RPUD Zoning | 30.00 Acre(s)


Listings Available


Median Price/Per SqFt


Median List Price

Listings Stats

Price RangePercentListings Available
$0K - $100K27.23%2156
$100K - $200K22.38%1772
$200K - $300K17.45%1382
$300K - $400K11.30%895
$400K - $500K5.49%435
$500K - $600K3.98%315
$600K - $700K2.58%204
$700K - $800K1.69%134
$800K - $900K1.57%124
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