Ormond Beach Real Estate

Ormond Beach Real Estate
If you're interested in buying a beachfront or riverfront home for either a summer home or a year round residence, take a look at Ormond Beach. Set a bit north of Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach has been a refuge from the cold winter months for decades.  Not to mention a haven for racing fans.  It's close to the action, while still being a great place to call home.  
The History
Ormond beach was first settled by Quakers in in 1643.  Sadly, they were wiped out by a local Timacuan chief named Oseanoha.  Later, James Ormond I redounded the land for the British empire.  This colony stuck, and the beach still bears his name.
Ormond beach was discovered as prime real estate location by such moguls as John Rockefeller and Henry Flager who was an early railroad investor.
Ormond beach also became a haunt for early automobile engineers and creators.  The reason is simple.  The hard packed dirt made for a perfect track for testing their new inventions.        
Ormond beach is very proud of its racing heritage.  Every year they hold reenactments of historical races, right along with the new races held there.  
What to do
If you're not interested in racing, or would just like to find some other way to spend your weekend, Ormond still has a lot to offer.  Of course, it's Florida, so there's great fishing and canoeing.  The northern part of the beach is a no driving zone, so it's perfect for a quieter beach atmosphere. You can also tour The Casement, the Rockefeller's old winter home.
There are also no less than five state parks to explore in Ormond beach.  There's the Tomoka state park,  the Gamble Rogers Memorial Area, North Peninsula State Park, and the Tiger bay State Forest.  
The Weather
The weather is generally humid, and very hot in the summer, with average temperatures in the mid nineties.  In the winter, it's very dry and mild, rarely if ever dropping past the high thirties.  Of course, the springs are famous for their perfect temperatures, lack of rain and lots of snow.
The Economy
If you're considering a home in Ormond, keep in mind that this is an economy based largely on tourism.  Fortunately, Florida is a state that is blessed with tourists year round.  Of course you've got the snowbirds who fly south for the winter, but the summer's packed with vacationing families out to soak up the sun and enjoy the beaches. 
This translates to a very strong entertaining economy, and lots of opportunities to find great paying work, or even start a business yourself.  So, if you've always dreamed of running your own restaurant or business, and living in an oceanfront home, this could be your perfect destination.
Wrap up
Ormond Beach is a beautiful location with a rich history and strong heritage.  It's a great place to start a new life in Florida with a new beach house.  Or, just find a great winter home to beat the snow every year.  
Ormond Beach Real Estate
Ormond Beach Real Estate
Ormond Beach Real Estate

4 Bed(s) | 3 Total Bath(s) | 2,500 SqFt
4 Bed(s) | 6 Total Bath(s) | 4,273 SqFt
5 Bed(s) | 5 Total Bath(s) | 6,876 SqFt
3 Bed(s) | 2611 Total Bath(s) | 2,227 SqFt
3 Bed(s) | 3 Total Bath(s) | 5,293 SqFt
4 Bed(s) | 5 Total Bath(s) | 4,208 SqFt
4 Bed(s) | 3 Total Bath(s) | 2,548 SqFt
4 Bed(s) | 5 Total Bath(s) | 4,246 SqFt
3 Bed(s) | 3 Total Bath(s) | 3,120 SqFt
4 Bed(s) | 4 Total Bath(s) | 3,000 SqFt
4 Bed(s) | 5 Total Bath(s) | 4,246 SqFt
4 Bed(s) | 3 Total Bath(s) | 2,226 SqFt
4 Bed(s) | 3 Total Bath(s) | 2,226 SqFt
4 Bed(s) | 3 Total Bath(s) | 2,364 SqFt
3 Bed(s) | 3 Total Bath(s) | 2,549 SqFt
3 Bed(s) | 4 Total Bath(s) | 2,790 SqFt


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$0 - $100K20.16%151View Homes
$100K - $200K18.29%137View Homes
$200K - $300K31.64%237View Homes
$300K - $400K24.30%182View Homes
$400K - $500K9.35%70View Homes
$500K - $600K6.54%49View Homes
$600K - $700K3.60%27View Homes
$700K - $800K2.67%20View Homes
$800K - $900K2.14%16View Homes
$900K+10.28%77View Homes
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