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Successful Selling and Commission

Posted: September 20, 2017 by Coldwell Banker Coast Realty

Ready to Sell

Deciding to sell your Home, (most likely) your largest investment, is often the biggest decision one can make! You have spent both time and money, freshening up, painting, gardening, and fixing items needing to be repaired so that your home will look beautiful and to bring in the highest selling price possible! Now to find a Realtor to list your home! When interviewing different Realtors (yes, you should interview several), the topic of commission rate comes up, as it should. As a homeowner you need to know what that fee is and in turn what you will receive from the Realtor and their brokerage for this fee. Generally, the market area where you live has a percentage rate that is consistent between all real estate brokers and offices. On occasion, a seller may ask an agent for a lower commission rate and there are several reasons why this isn't necessarily the best thing to do.

Worth the Commission

First of all, you are implying to the agent that they and their brokerage aren't worth the going rate. Which in fairness, a brokerage who is willing to accept a lower commission is likely one who may not put forth the effort and enthusiasm you would hope for from a Realtor who is selling your home, which often ends in a lower sale price. Second, when other agents are showing potential buyers your property, they will note that the offered commission is lower than its competition, which may limit the number of showings you receive, and often ends with less exposure and a lower sales price. Third, it limits the Realtor and their brokerage on how much they can promote your home from the start, limiting funds for valuable advertising. Find out what "the going rate" will get you with each Realtor you interview. By finding an agent that takes pride in their profession, spends money advertising, uses a professional photographer, holds open house events at your property, produces flyers, postcards, signage and is involved heavily in social media promotions, you will find a Realtor who spends their money & time to help you get the most for your home. These efforts are worth paying a little more in real estate commission. Don't focus on commission, look at the big picture and the back end selling price to get you where you need to be financially. You will receive professional service and the selling of your home will be a successful experience!

Happy selling!

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